Awsome Instant Shine Jewellery Cleaner Pack of 2


Awsome Instant Shine Jewellery Cleaner Pack of 2

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Product details:-

1. The Quick Shine Formula Additionally to immediate cleaning, it features a potent quick-shine ingredient to make your jewellery dazzle.

2. Powerful Cleaner Your stone and metal collections can be instantly cleaned with Awesome Instant Shine Jewellery Cleaner. It thoroughly cleans gemstones like opals, turquoise, diamonds, pearls, and gold.


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3.Non-abrasive This liquid cleanser works quickly and gently to remove tarnish and filth from your valuable things without the need for intense rubbing.

4. Prolonged Shine Prevent 12-month-long tarnishing from resurfacing.

5. Widespread Use It can be applied to many different kinds of jewellery, including gold, silver, and diamond.


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