Know all about BIS Hallmarking.

BIS Hallmark

For gold and silver jewellery sold in India, the BIS hallmark serves as a hallmarking mechanism that attests to the metal’s purity. It attests that the jewellery complies with the requirements established by the Bureau of Indian Standards, India’s national standards body. BIS Mark. The only organization in India with official government approval for hallmarking gold objects to certify their purity is BIS. Any gold jewellery with the BIS’s logo on it will show that its purity has been checked in one of the organization’s authorized laboratories. This was a highly awaited step to be taken by the Government in order to safeguard the interest of the customers(people of India).


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What is Hallmarking ?

The precise assessment and official documentation of the proportionate precious metal content of precious metal objects is known as hallmarking. The purity or fineness of precious metal items is thus guaranteed by hallmarks, which are statutory marks used in many nations. The public’s protection from adulteration and manufacturers’ obligation to uphold legal standards of fineness are the major goals of the hallmarking scheme. Two precious metals, namely gold and silver, have currently been included in the scope of hallmarking in India.

For Gold :

In April 2000, the BIS system for hallmarking gold jewellery went into effect. The international standards that govern this system are IS 1417 (Grades of Gold and Gold Alloys, Jewellery/Artefacts), IS 1418 (Assaying of Gold in Gold Bullion, Gold Alloys and Gold Jewellery/Artefacts), IS 2790 (Guidelines for Manufacture of 14, 18 and 22 carat Gold Alloys exclusively), and IS 3095. (Gold solders for use in manufacture of jewellery).



For Silver :

BIS introduced hallmarking for silver jewelry in December 2005 under IS 2112, the standard specification for ‘Hallmarking of Silver Jewellery/Artefacts’.

Current Legal Scenario :

Beginning from January 15, 2021,the requirement to hallmark gold jewellery sold in India has  been put into practice and it will be required nationwide. However, it is widely accepted by customers. This frequently results in the counterfeit hallmarking of jewellery, which is regularly checked by the bureau.

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