Caring for Jewellery

There’s always a sentimental reason behind every piece of jewellery you buy or is rather gifted to you, and you’ll want to wear it forever. Everyone’s jewellery requires care and the occasional clean-up. There is no point investing your money in fine jewellery if it ends up looking lackluster after a while. Caring for jewellery is as important as purchasing the right pieces. If you are thinking the way you are take care of your precious  jewellery is correct and sufficient, then you need to think again. If you are not aware of the best tips to care and clean your jewellery, we are here to help, here are some quick and easy tips to take care of your jewellery to prevent tarnishing, scratches and dullness.

Expert tips on how to care for Jewellery :

1. Prevent it from Heat and Light

 The color of gemstones will become dull when exposed to too much light. Avoid it wearing in direct sunlight for prolonged period of time because certain gemstones are especially vulnerable to heat, while other jewels might bleach under the sun.


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Caring for jewellery

prevent from sunlight

2. Give it a Wipe

At the end of the day when you are done with using your wearables, give them a gentle wipe with a anti-tarnish cloth before you store them for next use, wiping up will remove all the dust and sweat accumulated on your wearables.

give it a wipe

Give it a gentle wipe

3. Stay away from chemicals

Certain chemicals viz hairspray, perfume, cosmetics and more can discolor precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum and are not at all healthy for your wearables, so you should protect your timeless jewellery from coming in contact with these chemicals.

Prevent from Cosmetics

Prevent from Cosmetics

4. Gold jewellery should be kept separate from Silver jewellery

Gold jewellery should be stored away from the silver ones because silver is more rugged than gold and can very easily scratch your golden pieces, so keep them in individual soft cloth bags or the original boxes they came it.

Store in separate case

Store in separate case

5. Examine your Jewellery

It is advisable to scrutinize your jewellery every 6 to 12 months and check if they need to be given a reasonable polish. Also look for if any cracks are visible which may require immediate attention.

Examine your jewellery

Examine your jewellery

6. Store your jewellery with care

The best place to keep your jewellery is in a specially created box, similar to the one you received them in. Boxes or vanity cases that have individual slots for rings, necklaces bracelets and more are also a good selection. Which keeps your jewellery safe from getting scratched and exposed to various chemicals.

Store jewellery with care

We acknowledge the fact that how important and precious is your collection of jewellery is to you, therefore this was a little attempt from our side to help you keep your jewels dazzle all the time !

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