In India, people place a very high value on gold and silver jewellery, which is extremely clear from the fact that beginning with a child's birth, relatives give them gifts of gold or silver for a variety of occasions, the most important of which is the wedding. Due to the unrivalled affection our people have for gold and silver, DIGIRATNA has an assortment of timeless jewellery that is both gorgeous and inexpensive for every occasion.

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India and gold jewellery are practically interchangeable terms; any talk of gold would be lacking without bringing up India. India has a long history with gold; around one-third of the world's goldĀ reserves are held by Indian women as jewellery. When there is this much jewellery, it is apparent that there are many jewellery makers as well. As a result, we are one of them, however we also focus on selling golden jewellery online. Look through our premium selection...


Diamonds is one of the best-known and most sought-after gemstones,they are extremely rare and there supply is limited that's why they are highly expensive. Diamonds have been used as decorative items since ancient times. Due to it's characteristic of high dispersion of light makes it more desirable to be warn as a jewelry. Regardless of the fact that it is highly expsensive we here at Digiratna have a wide range of Affordable Diamond Jewelry collection to choose from.


There is a certain delicate and exquisite beauty in silver. Gold jewelry has always been the first preference for the Indian people, apart from the gold next preference for the Indian people is silver, as compared to gold silver is lot cheaper in terms of pricing therefore makes it more affordable than gold. Silver is a white metal that is harder than gold, softer than copper. We here have handmade silver jewelry collections for personal storytelling with a touch of conventional Indian design elements.